Rollotop® products offer a convenient and long-lasting solution to cover existing or planned indoor and outdoor pools, and promote economical pool operation.

Advantages of roll-up pool covers



Save up to 70% of pool operating costs by lowering the amount of energy used for water heating and dehumidification, as well as water and chemical top-up costs.



Roll-up pool covers are simple to operate. Thanks to automatic winding, your unused pool can be covered at the push of a button.



If used duly, the slat- profiles resist chlorine and ultra-violet radiation much longer than cover foil; their expected useful life is 10-15 years.

Suitable for most round pools

Outdoor Pools

The pool cover prevents the water from cooling down at night. If solar profiles are used, water temperature can be increased by up to 8 degrees Celsius, potentially prolonging the spring or autumn bathing season by several weeks.


Indoor pools

cover your unused pool to save much of the water heating energy as well as the electricity used for dehumidification.


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