Energy savings

A roll-up pool cover prevents water evaporation, saving water and chemicals. In addition, lower energy usage for water heating and dehumidification translates into significantly reduced operating costs.


Longer bathing seasons

Optional solar profiles can be installed to collect energy and heat the water in the pool. They can increase the temperature of the water in the pool by 6-8 degrees Celsius, so that you can go on bathing from May until October.


Convenient operation

A roll-up pool cover is easy to operate; thanks to the automatic (motor-driven) operation, your unused pool can be covered by the push of a button.


Easier cleaning

A cover protects your pool from large contaminating particles, leaves and insects, making it easier to keep the pool clean.


Protects children and pets

Slat-profiles floats on the water surface; with due support at the sides of the pool, it protects children and pets from falling into the water.


Long life

If used duly, the slat-profiles resist chlorine and ultra-violet radiation much longer than cover foil; their expected useful life is 10-15 years.